Fruit of the Spirit

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Blessings Through the Fruit of the Spirit
(based on Galatians 5:22,23)
© 1993 Ellie Evans

May your LOVE bless many

and may you accept and feel to the depth of your being

the love offered to you by family, friends and God.

May you find and share a full measure of

JOY in every day.

May you enjoy PEACE beyond understanding and may your

understanding bring comfort and peace to others.

May you have the PATIENCE you need to meet every

challenge you’ll face and may you rejoice in God’s patient love.

May you experience KINDNESS in your every need

and treat yourself kindly…as you do those in your world.

May you see GOODNESS wherever it is to be found,

and may goodness be found wherever you are.

May you be blessed with faithful friends and may your

FAITHFULNESS and confidence in God’s promises

give you courage to seek His best for your life.

May GENTLENESS fill your heart, strengthen

your relationships and encourage those you touch.

May your SELF-CONTROL grow in the liberty

of the grace and love of Christ so that you may

fulfill personal resolutions, achieve life goals,

and live in wholeness.

Wishing You God’s Best in Your Life!


© 1993 Ellie Evans

Used with permission from

 Calligraphy courtesy of

~Sonia Hurley~

~Ellie Evans~

Drawn by

~Joanna Bookamer~