The Multifaceted Mission of
Out of Sight Ministries:
The Ministry with a Vision!

So glad you stopped by! Let me introduce Out of Sight Ministries.

I'm Mindy, the founder of Out of Sight Ministries, which was established as a non-profit organization in 2011.

I am always on the lookout for opportunities to make a difference. I do this in four ways under the umbrella of Out of Sight Ministries.

Under the umbrella of Out of Sight Ministries, the four hats I wear appear in the banner above.

Vocalist is the first hat I don. While some have said that I sing like an angel, I just know that I truly enjoy using the gift God has given me! Click here to listen to clips from my CD.

My second hat is Narrator. What fun I have as I read Braille to children and grown-ups, bringing stories to life with different voices! Click here to read my original poems.

Blindness Educator is the third hat I wear. I always watch for open doors to teach people of all ages and answer their questions about blindness.

Finally, I wear the hat of Natural Health Advocate. It has become my passion to tell others about the role that lifestyle choices and alternative medicine play in maintaining and even regaining health.

I just want to make a difference and am confident that Out of Sight Ministries is the perfect way to do just that!

"I first met Mindy Hartman in early 1997. Mindy is a knowledgeable lady, who expresses her love for her Lord in every aspect of her life!

"Mindy has a beautiful, crisp and clear voice. Even though children are not the targeted audience of her CD, my 8-year-old daughter enjoys it very much, as do I!

"Mindy has also read (extremely expressively and dramatically) for that same daughter’s birthday party 'story time.' Watching Mindy read from her BrailleNote was a wonderful learning experience for the amazed party guests.

"In addition, I have learned many terrific tips from Mindy regarding health and diet.

"Mindy and I have spent countless hours creating and building this website for Out of Sight Ministries, which has been a valuable learning experience for both of us."
Phoebe Bookamer, Webmaster, Harisburg Area, PA

Table of Contents

Mission Statement
Visit to read the mission statement and goals of Out of Sight Ministries, the ministry with a vision.
Latest News
Learn the latest news about Mindy Hartman and Out of Sight Ministries.
Various Media Venues
This page includes links to radio interviews and articles about Mindy and Out of Sight Ministries, as well as Mindy's original pieces.
"Once you hear Mindy's smooth, clear voice, you know she's a gifted vocalist. Once you hear Mindy's heart, you know she's a child of the King." ~Floyd Moore
Mindy is a gifted blind narrator, who has recorded books for two libraries. Why not listen to her read, as both children and adults have been touched by her delivery?
Blindness Educator
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with the challenge of blindness? Uncover the answers to questions you've never dared to ask. Laugh and learn with Mindy, your blindness educator.
Natural Health Advocate
Learn what led Mindy to become a Natural Health Advocate. Hear her heart as she shares the trials and triumphs of her health journey.
Meet Mindy
Read the fascinating story behind Out of Sight Ministries to see what makes Mindy Hartman tick! Listen as she sings and shares about tragedy, blindness and fibromyalgia with faith and humor.
What are people saying about Mindy? Read their recommendations to find out.
As a non-profit organization, Out of Sight Ministries relies on your financial support. Please donate here.
Contact Me
Contact Me at Out Of Sight Ministries for vocalist, narrator, blindness educator, and natural health advocate services.
Meet my wonderful webmaster and friend who has spent hours to make this site possible.

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