"Mindy Hartman visited our school last spring and spent time with students in grades K through 3. Mindy had a wonderful way of reading a story, using her voice to give extra meaning and drama to the narrative. As she read, I looked around the room. Our students sat listening intently, captivated by the story and the storyteller.

Following this, Mindy answered questions from our students. It was during this time that it became clear just how content and comfortable Mindy is with God's providence in her life. She answered each query with sincerity and in a way that the children could relate to and understand. With each answered question, the children began to think more fully of ways that blindness could impact everyday life. The hands kept going up with more and more questions, questions that showed a new-found insight. I believe this insight came from Mindy's frank answers and calm acceptance of her blindness.

That day, both teachers and students came away from our time with Mindy having learned a lot about what life is like for a blind person. More importantly, we witnessed the beauty of a heart that is content and thankful for what the Lord has brought to her. Mindy is truly a gem in God's kingdom. Our time spent with her benefited both our minds and our souls."
Jan Springer, 1st Grade Teacher,
Christian School of Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, PA

"Once you hear Mindy's smooth, clear voice, you know she's a gifted vocalist. Once you hear Mindy's heart, you know she's a child of the King."
Floyd Moore, Minister of Music, Warren, PA

"We have been broadcasting Sound Behavior Talk Radio" for more than five years and during this time I have been richly blessed by the quality of my guests.

"Mindy Hartman is one of those whom I’ve found to be an extraordinary woman of God, who by her trust and vision, referred her lovely group of friends to also become guests. If the content of these shows changed my life, I wonder if any of our listeners were as moved as I, or if the content of these shows were actually meant for me.

"Her heartfelt talent is expressed by her music and transparent ability to reach people. My appreciation and recommendation for Mindy Hartman and her ministry goes beyond words."
Don Crosby, Radio Show Host, Charlotte, NC

"Mindy has a lovely, soprano voice and a poignant delivery. She moves me every time I hear her sing."
Paula B. Hepfer, Director,
Cumberland Valley School of Music Program, Chambersburg, PA

"I first met Mindy Hartman in early 1997. Mindy is a knowledgeable lady, who expresses her love for her Lord in every aspect of her life!

"Mindy has a beautiful, crisp and clear voice. Even though children are not the targeted audience of her CD, my 8-year-old daughter enjoys it very much, as do I!

"Mindy has also read (extremely expressively and dramatically) for that same daughter’s birthday party 'story time.' Watching Mindy read from her BrailleNote was a wonderful learning experience for the amazed party guests.

"In addition, I have learned many terrific tips from Mindy regarding health and diet.

"Mindy and I have spent countless hours creating and building this website for Out of Sight Ministries, which has been a valuable learning experience for both of us."
Phoebe Bookamer, Webmaster, Harrisburg Area, PA

"Mindy possesses a passion to use her God-given musical abilities to give God the glory and honor. Mindy has a beautiful voice, sings from the heart, and shares impactful messages of inspiration. She adds a lot to gatherings such as weddings, hymn sings, church events, and other social functions."
Cindy Shoemaker, Director of Counseling at Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA

"Mindy Hartman, herself blind, helped my class 'see' how a blind person can function in our world. She demonstrated reading, using her hands and a braille text, while she sang. My students loved interacting with her and watching her type their names in braille. Children and adults can be fearful of how to communicate with people different than themselves, but Mindy (demonstrating her faith in Jesus Christ) helped to bridge the gap that had previously separated us from enjoying a unique and special friendship. We want to have her back again!"
Beverly Shaffer, 4th Grade Teacher, Heritage Academy, Hagerstown, MD

"I am delighted to share with you our gratefulness to Mindy for all the hard work and dedication in volunteering her beautiful voice. She has recorded on cassette many of the library's inspirational Braille books. The feeling she puts into the words that she is reading is amazing and appreciated by our many readers."
George and Holly Montanus, President and Secretary,
The Gospel Association for the Blind, Bunnell, FL

"Mindy knows and loves the Lord of whom she sings, and this is communicated in her music. Her enthusiasm and youthful spirit are appealing, and her desire to make a difference is exemplary."
Pastor Bob Rathbun, Fifth Street Baptist Church, Lowell, MA

"I highly recommend Mindy for your church or group. I have enjoyed working with her as her accompanist whenever I have visited the Chambersburg area, and also when we have performed together at other venues. Not only does she have a very fine voice, she also has the heart of one who is willing to serve the Lord in any way she can. Mindy's presentation is real and transparent, and you will be blessed and encouraged by what she has to share."
Duncan Holmes, Professional Pianist, Fredericksburg, TX

"I appreciate Mindy's ministry. She shared the Gospel in word and in song with a sweet spirit and sensitivity to the needs of God's people. I wholeheartedly recommend her."
Pastor Paul Dunbar, Bethany Evangelical Church, Carlisle, PA

"Mindy Hartman is one of the most remarkable women I've had the pleasure of knowing. She is an avid student of alternative healing principles, and has become quite knowledgeable in the natural health field. Her unselfish willingness to always help others, is just one of the phenomenal characteristics of this amazing woman!"
Cynthia Champion-Olson ND, CN, CTN

"Mindy Hartman has been a guest on Uncommon Awareness. She demonstrated through out our interview a very developed and astute understanding of natural health care and modalities. Additionally, Mindy is living testimony to the power of natural health modalities to heal. She is passionate, compassionate and devoted to helping others."
Dr. Lorraine Hurley, Uncommon Awareness

"We were blessed to have been able to meet Mindy and see her love for Jesus shine in all she does. She has such a positive outlook about life that is truly an inspiration. We really enjoyed having her come and share in singing and watching how she can read. The children found it so interesting to watch her read with her Braille machine and to write our names in Braille. She was an encouragement to all at our school; parents, teachers and students. We highly recommend her for your function."
Eldwin and Jen Eby, Path Valley Christian School, Doylesburg, PA

~Reading for Children~

~Don Crosby~

~Paula Hepfer~

~Phoebe Bookamer~

~Heritage Academy~

~Duncan Holmes~

~Dr. Champion-Olson~

~Dr. Lorraine Hurley~