Blindness Educator
Brings Your Questions About Blindness to Light

One of the hats I wear under the umbrella of Out of Sight Ministries is blindness educator.

"We were blessed to have been able to meet Mindy and see her love for Jesus shine in all she does. She has such a positive outlook about life that is truly an inspiration. We really enjoyed having her come and share in singing and watching how she can read. The children found it so interesting to watch her read with her Braille machine and to write our names in Braille. She was an encouragement to all at our school; parents, teachers and students. We highly recommend her for your function."
Eldwin and Jen Eby, Path Valley Christian School, Doylesburg, PA

I would love to serve you! Why not make arrangements for me to come to your school or to a Lions Club or Scout troop meeting? I'd be delighted to educate & entertain you as I openly discuss my experiences with blindness. Feel free to ask me to read to children at a daycare center or public library, or request that I plan a program for nursing home residents.

"Mindy Hartman, herself blind, helped my class 'see' how a blind person can function in our world. She demonstrated reading, using her hands and a braille text, while she sang. My students loved interacting with her and watching her type their names in braille. Children and adults can be fearful of how to communicate with people different than themselves, but Mindy (demonstrating her faith in Jesus Christ) helped to bridge the gap that had previously separated us from enjoying a unique and special friendship. We want to have her back again!"
Beverly Shaffer, 4th Grade Teacher, Heritage Academy, Hagerstown, MD

Invite me to share my story at your church, school, or civic organization!

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Diversity in Youth Day
at a public middle school

A visit to a school:
Brailling names for students