Mission Statement:
Who We Are &
Where We’re Headed

Mission Statement

The mission of Out of Sight Ministries is to offer hope, healing, and help to a hurting world and to promote an understanding among the public of the challenges faced by those who live with disabilities or chronic illness.

Humans are complex beings designed by God with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. We must be aware that all of these areas are connected and have an impact on our health and quality of life. Therefore, Out of Sight Ministries can be of service both in the church and secular settings. The use of music, readings, Christian and health testimony and information, blindness education, and the life stories of those who have struggled with and overcome challenges are all part of the inspiration and encouragement we bring to this mission.


Since Out of Sight Ministries is still young, it remains to be seen what the Lord has planned for us. One of my goals is to start interviewing others who are making a difference. They may be of service to those of you who visit Out of Sight Ministries in ways that I cannot. I would like to interview Christian musicians, professionals in the natural health field, others with varied Christian ministries, and people who have overcome personal challenges.

Another goal – more of a dream, really – depends upon how much financial support God provides to Out of Sight Ministries in the years to come. I would dearly love to be able to help those who want to maintain or regain their health through natural means but cannot afford to do so. Insurance often pays for drugs and surgery, but supplements and other alternative treatments are rarely covered.

Relevant information and resources are available through this website or by phone. Call (717) 496-4354 for help or to schedule a program for your church or civic organization.

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