Natural Health Advocate:
A Passion Proceeds from Pain

One of the hats I wear under the umbrella of Out of Sight Ministries is natural health advocate.

This wasn’t always the case.

It was only when I became desperate that I was willing to do the hard work of making changes that would help me to get better.

I finally reached that point when I was spending 12-18 hours a day in bed!

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One of my dreams is to help low-income people who are ill and are willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes to get well but cannot afford to pursue the alternative health care not covered by insurance.

"Mindy Hartman is one of the most remarkable women I've had the pleasure of knowing. She is an avid student of alternative healing principles, and has become quite knowledgeable in the natural health field. Her unselfish willingness to always help others, is just one of the phenomenal characteristics of this amazing woman!"
Cynthia Champion-Olson ND, CN, CTN

"Mindy Hartman has been a guest on Uncommon Awareness. She demonstrated through out our interview a very developed and astute understanding of natural health care and modalities. Additionally, Mindy is living testimony to the power of natural health modalities to heal. She is passionate, compassionate and devoted to helping others."
Dr. Lorraine Hurley, Uncommon Awareness

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