Why Not Me?

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Why Not Me?
© 1997 Ellie Evans

People who are suffering so often ask,
whatever the cause may be,
"What have I done to deserve all this?"
or "Lord, why has this happened to me?"

But maybe the question I should ask instead
is "why should I escape pain and loss?",
When God suffered the very worst of both
as He watched His Son die on the cross.

Why should others know serious illness,
or walk the dark valleys of grief,
and I be spared of all sadness and pain...
without challenge of my deepest belief.

If someone must struggle with sorrow and pain
it might as well be me;
for I have the God of all comforts within
sustaining me most lovingly.

My Lord never promised that I'd not feel
sorrow and pain of my own.
But He promised, more importantly,
I'll not have to face them alone.

He'll walk with me through the thick darkness of grief
and carry me when I can't walk...
He'll help me to face the worst that could come
and answer when I can't even talk.

I wish there were no death and suffering
to be borne while we're here in this life,
but Satan has seen that every soul on this earth
will know more than it's share of strife.

I choose to face every challenge he throws,
whether sickness or sorrow it be,
clinging to Christ and trusting His promise
that in Him I'll have sure victory.

That victory may not be evident to all
as I battle this world's great strife,
for my victory is in Jesus, my Lord...
in whom I've eternal life.


© 1997 Ellie Evans
Used with permission from http://leaparizona.com/

Valley photographs taken by

~Ray Kelly~