Conference Call with
Dr Champion-Olson:
Hope & Healing

In 2005, as I was dealing with fibromyalgia, my health was declining. I was young. My physical and emotional pain was intensifying. Enter, Dr. Cynthia Champion-Olson.

Who is Dr. Cynthia Champion-Olson? In short, she's a wonderful woman who has changed my life! I thank God for the chance to know her.

Before I explain how that happened, let me tell you a little about this lady whose beauty extends far beyond anything you can see in a picture.

Dr. Champion-Olson is a professional in the natural health field with 30 years of experience. She is a board-certified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist. Dr. Champion-Olson's areas of expertise include herbology, homeopathy, environmental health and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Champion-Olson has exhaustive experience in helping individuals suffering from diabetes, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, environmental illnesses, and autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Champion-Olson is an excellent speaker who has hosted conference calls to educate medical professionals and the public. On the many weekly 4Life conference calls I have attending, she has clearly communicated complex subject matter in an entertaining and easy-to-understand fashion for her audience. I have learned much from the conference calls with Dr Champion-Olson and my time with her as a patient since 2007.

Dr. Champion-Olson's greatest joy is teaching others the benefits of natural health and nutrition. Nothing delights her more than seeing the progress made by an individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to get well.

When working with a patient, Dr. Champion-Olson looks at the whole person to get to the root of the problem rather than focusing on symptoms alone. She possesses a phenomenal amount of knowledge and insight. Dr. Champion-Olson knows what questions to ask and what tests to order as she does her detective work.

Her many years of experience, her ongoing research as she continues to learn, and her God-given discernment and ability to quickly read the emotion and energy in people's voices sets her apart. She truly cares about the welfare of all who seek her help.

In her own unique way, Dr. Champion-Olson lives a life of integrity as she lets her light shine before men so that others may see her good deeds and praise her Father in heaven. Though we are all human and will make mistakes along the way, may each one of us make it our prayer to live with such integrity as we seek to follow Christ!

Let's not forget her husband, Gary Olson, who is every bit as busy as his wife. He doesn't get nearly as much recognition, but there is no question they are definitely a team. Together, God is using them to make a difference!

As I said at the beginning of this page, I was struggling with fibromyalgia. A close friend had been telling me for months that she thought I should listen to this weekly conference call. She was certain that a conference call with Dr. Champion-Olson could help me. She was right!

The time I called in on a cold Thursday night in early 2005, I liked Dr. Champion-Olson instantly. It was immediately obvious that this call was a labor of love.

Although this was a product training call, Dr. Champion-Olson talked about the many aspects of our lives that affect our health. Everyone can benefit from taking supplements because most of us eat a poor, standard American diet. We live in a toxic, stress-filled world.

Even though there are many wonderful testimonials of how the 4Life products and other quality supplements have helped people, we must remember that none of these supplements can prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

They support the structure and function of the body by giving the body what it needs to heal. I would not have reached my current level of wellness without supplements.

That said, supplements alone are not the answer. We are complex beings. We must take personal responsibility for everything we put into our mouths and on our skin.

We need to take a serious look at our stress levels, get enough sleep, exercise, think about what we're thinking about, examine our spiritual lives, and so much more.

It was Dr. Champion-Olson who first made me aware of how we need to change our lifestyles, not just take supplements.

After my first time on the call in March of 2005, I continued to come to the call whenever I could.

Dr. Champion-Olson was saying things I wasn't hearing anywhere else, and there was something about the caring and support of the 4Life family, although I didn't experience the full extent of that until years later.

The changes I knew I should make seemed overwhelming! Dr. Champion-Olson shared many websites with information that backed up what she said. Her knowledge motivated me to slowly begin to make changes.

I was inspired by the stories others shared of how the 4Life products, lifestyle changes, and faith in God had made a difference in their health. Some of these people had been dangerously close to death. How I needed hope at that time!

Early in 2007, I became one of Dr. Champion-Olson's patients. By that time, the conference call was a weekly priority. I was so sick that choir practice, which was at the same time, had lost its importance! I learned something new on the call every week from Dr. Champion-Olson.

So many people were eager to share their experiences and help others. It really has been a 4Life family! So many people have benefited from this call.

I have never been a distributor of 4Life products, so I do not gain anything by telling you that 4Life has quality Transfer Factor products. Dr. Champion-Olson’s involvement in 4Life affirms her positive feelings regarding 4Life’s Transfer Factor products.

In October of 2012, Dr. Champion-Olson asked me to be a volunteer moderator for the 4Life product training call when she lost her fulltime operator for about two months. It was an honor to be of assistance to this wonderful woman whom the Lord has used to make such a profound difference in my life!

I remained available to greet callers when needed until Dr. Champion-Olson resigned from the 4Life Health Sciences Advisory Board and the conference call in August 2013

Subsequently, Dr. Champion-Olson joined the scientific advisory board of Jusuru International, Inc.

Dr. Champion-Olson has been hosting a general health conference call on the first Thursday of every month at 9:00 pm, EST. Her schedule has changed.  Please check back soon to learn when future calls will be held.  The phone number is 559.726.1300.  The access code is 185705#.

If you ever miss Dr. Champion-Olson's live call, there is a replay line available for her most recent call.  The number for that is 559.726.1399.  The access code is still 185705#.  Dr. Champion-Olson's lecture is recorded; however, her question and answer session is not.

Please listen to Dr. Champion-Olson's most recent recording, especially if you have never heard her speak.  You'll be glad you did!

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Dr. Cynthia Champion-Olson

For many years, I gave in to the convenience of using cordless phones and refused to use a corded phone.  Then I learned about the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and the radiation from cell phones and cordless phones.

I decided to rethink things a bit. I began wearing a Q-link in 2010. After that I started making a few other changes to reduce my exposure.  Since some people in my life think the phone is almost a part of me and I do use it a lot, I decided that was one place I needed to do some work.

Once again, it was Dr. Cynthia Champion-Olson who first brought this to my attention.   I now use a bluetube headset or the speaker phone feature on my handheld phone when possible.

While 4Life Research is an outstanding company with a variety of products, it is Transfer Factor that sets this company apart. 4Life's Transfer Factor was one of the many things I learned about on this conference call. Transfer Factor is an immune system modulator. It helps to rev up an underactive immune system or calm down an overactive immune system, which is the challenge faced by someone with an autoimmune condition.

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